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The Polaroid x530 is the first camera in the plawa segment 3Digital Photography™, which opens up a new dimension of photography. It is now possible with the Polaroid x530 to capture digital pictures in a quality never considered: Greater sharpness, more depth of colour and 100 percent picture information. If you want to draw with light, and if you translate the word "photography" literally, that is what you do, then you need precise colour information. It is right here that you will encounter the Achilles heel of the consumer digital cameras manufactured so far. The camera chips which convert light into voltage look similar to a chess board, a mosaic (refer to the illustration below).

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Problems with the mosaic sensor
One colour can be captured on each square: red, blue or green. This way the camera can only effectively reproduce half of the green light and even only a quarter of the red and blue wavelengths. The rest is added by the chip and this leads to less sharpness, artefacts (moiré) and colour problems. It is obvious that data which is not there cannot be processed – even if the best picture editing system is used.
Colours, sharpness, image data
The Polaroid x530 adapts the advantages of the Foveon X3® Technology. Just like a film, the x530 stores 100 percent of the colour information in each area of the picture. (refer to the illustration on the right) A sensor on the surface registers blue, one further down in the chip registers green and one even further down registers red according to the wavelength of the photons.
Foveon X3® Fill Light Tool
A further feature of the Polaroid x530 makes the photography itself child's play, even in the most difficult lighting. The Foveon X3® Fill Light Tool (refer to the illustration on the left) makes underexposed areas of the picture visible again and reduces overexposed areas. This way, many pictures which would have otherwise been deleted can be saved. This results in pictures which appear harmonious.
And this can be done quite simply:
Pictures made in RAW format (x3F) can be simply loaded into the Polaroid PhotoLab (refer to the illustration on the right) and be adjusted as required using the "Foveon X3 Fill Light-value controller". The laborious masking of under or overexposed areas is now a thing of the past. Such simple processing is made possible by the Foveon X3® direct image sensor which registers 100 percent of all picture information meaning that it is often even better than the eye. From here, the pictures can be stored in different formats with practically no loss of quality. The physical output size in TIFF or JPEG format corresponds to 2460 x 1836 (RGB). In 16 Bit Tiff format, the file has a size of approximately 27 MB.
If you want to learn more about file size and image resolution please contact our support team.
Video with TV fame size
In addition, the Polaroid x530 offer a video function in TV frame size. Up until now, high-end digital cameras or digital video cameras could produce either good pictures or good videos. Now with the revolutionary Foveon® X3 direct image sensor, the Polaroid x530 captures superb still images and fast high resolution video at 640x480 pixels. This, of course, includes a sound and a play-back function via an integrated loudspeaker. The optical zoom and white balance can be preset prior caputering the scene.

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1.) 2007-09-21 polaroid_x530.zip [6379 kB]
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Image sensor  
Sensor Foveon X3® direct image sensor, FO18-50-F19 X3
Lens and Type 10 elements
Focal length 7.3mm ~ 21.9mm
Equivalent to 35mm camera 36 mm ~ 107 mm
Brightness Wide: 2.6 ~ 7.6, Tele: 3.4 ~ 9.9
Shutter speed up to 1/1000 sec.
Optical zoom 3x
Digital zoom 4x
Focus range Macro mode : 1 cm Normal mode : 30 cm ~ infinity
Exposure compensation from +2 to -2 with 1/3 steps
Exposure meter Center-weighted, multi, spot
ISO Auto, 100, 200, 400
White balance Auto/Manual (daylight/cloudy/incandescent/fluorescent)
Exposure control Automatic/manual
Viewfinder / LCD  
Color Display 2.0“ LTPS-LCD Display
Viewfinder Optical real-image zoom viewfinder
Memory (internal) Only for Processing 16MB
Memory (external) SD Card (8-512MB), 32MB contains with Card reader
File format  
Photo JPEG, EXIF 2.2, RAW in X3F Format (Photolab Software)
Video AVI
Scene mode  
Scene mode Auto, portrait, landscape, sport, night, macro scene
Flash modes  
Flash light Integrate (auto/off/on/red eye red.), Effective Distance: 0.7m ~ 3m
Outputs / interfaces  
Power supply  
Power supply rechargable Lithium Ion battery or AC-adaptor 2 in 1 (included)
Auto power off 1 min./ 3 min. or off
Product dimensions 105 x 71 x 61 mm
Body Highend plastic
Weight 300 g
Standard Neckstrap, USB- and AV-Cable, rechargeable battery with battery charger, 32 MB SD-Card with memory card- reader USB2.0
Software Driver (PC + Mac), Polaroid PhotoLab (PC + Mac), Arcsoft PhotoStudio 5.5 (PC + Mac), Adobe Acrobat Reader (PC + Mac), Instruction manual on CD multilingual.
Item no. 0530
Updated on 17.03.2005, WB
Shipping unit  
Packing unit 5


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